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Here is a snapshot of who I am.  Not glamorous but according to my dashboard, it’s looked at several time a day.  Here we go:

I was born in Southern California but grew up near Sacramento, California.  Began working in  youth ministry in the mid 90’s.

My dad was a full time children’s pastor who believed in outreach before outreach was “popular”. I remember he would take the church bus to apartment buildings and create an outdoor Kid’s Church. It worked! Kids and parents were coming to church (the actual church).

In 2001, started working with YouthWorks (www.youthworks.com) as a Site Director before being an Area Director. This was a time where I learned a great deal about leadership and managing people. In that time I oversaw staff in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Benton Harbor.  Youthworks is also where I became friends with Rachel, my friend and wife!

Rachel and I were married in 2003 and, in 2007, adopted our son, Isaac, at birth.

While serving as youth pastors shortly after we were married, God had called us back into student ministry with  an organization called Adventures In Missions (www.adventures.org).  Doing my five year tenure with them I  was the West Coast Regional Director overseeing 80+ churches, mobilizing their student ministries for missions, and leading many trips a year.

While working with AIM I also helped build the missions ministry at Bridgeway Christian Church www.bridgewaychristian.org). In 2009 God had called me away from AIM and in 2010 resigned from my role at Bridgeway to get back into my first love, youth ministry.

Students are my favorite people on earth and enjoy hanging out and guiding them in the right direction.

We currently live in Portland, Or.


Outside of ministry I love to;

1. Mountain bike
2. Drink Coffee
3. Snowboard.
4. Drink Coffee
5.  Blogging and equipping: I love to read and find out what is going on in today’s culture and providing a resource to parents and students.
6. Drink Coffee
7.  Consulting: I’ve led over 20 plus mission trips and consult churches in the area of forming a missions strategy, and getting them on a trip with a great organization.  I match their gifting and personality with an organization I feel would work for them.
8. Drink  Coffee
9. Being a dad and a husband.  Being Faithful to what He has called me to right this minute.
10.  Can you guess?




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