If you missed the last few weeks and the intro, just click below.  A reminder that this is really created for use in small group discussion or picked a part for a message series. This week is some questions that were developed after reading James 2: 1-13.
Week 1
Week 2

Favoritism is for Punks!
Be a Punk to People – Get Punked by God!  It’s that simple. 

Read James 2 1:1-13
Pending on the size of your group, have each student read at least one paragraph of the text. It gets them involved and pushes for engagement.

  1. What example does James give of “religion..pure and faultless?” (1:27)
  2. How does this statement lead into the topic of favoritism? (1)
  3. What is the difference in clothes for the rich and poor man? (2)
  4. How is favoritism shown to these people? (3-4) Who at your school receives special attention? who is discriminated against?
  5. What two things does God give to the poor? (5) If God chose the poor to have these things, how should we treat them?
  6. What three things do rich people do to Christians, according to James? (6-7)
  7. What is the Royal Law? (8) Why is this the law ” Royal”? What is the opposite of this law?
  8. Who are the lawbreakers? (9-11) Are you a lawbreaker?
  9. If this is true, what is the solution to the problem of favoritism and discrimination? (12)
  10. What is the threat to anyone who refuses to keep the Royal Law by treating all people alike? (13)
  11. How does mercy triumph over judgement for God? (13) what about for us?





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