Yesterday, I posted the 3 musts for Junior High School.  Since my current ministry group is Junior High and High School I though I’d separate the the 3 “musts” by ministry bracket.  High School is awesome because the conversations start morphing into topics regarding life, college,  and etc.  When I’m dealing with our High School bracket there are three things I believe are “musts”.   Here they are quickly. Of course there is more to this list, but this is my top three.  

1) PRAYER: As students migrate over to High School there is a need to be more involved in prayer. Don’t mistake me, I believe praying for a Junior Higher and letting him know that you’re praying for them goes a long way.  But as High School students are facing longer days, more homework, more projects, and sports,  letting them know you’re praying for them is crucial. Also praying WITH them. I think in students ministry we often pass the by. Take time to say to that students, “Hey, Let’s pray about this right now real quick”.  It also give you something to follow up with the next week.

2)CONNECTION: Conneting with High School students on their turf.  Don’t just befriend them on Facebook, comment on pictures and updates. Go to their school and bring lunch for a bunch of them. Meeting them on their grounds build trust and friendships! Attend their sporting games, drama’s, band performances, and more. Be present in their lives!

3) TRUST THEM:   Trust them: Give them responsibility. Allow them to surprise you and reward great achievements. If they are in charge of an outreach or function, let them know how awesome it was.  Trusting them builds them!



What would you add to the list?

4 Comments to “3 “musts” for High School Ministry”

  • Investing in the lives of others is a great strategy for all ages. Good Article! Full Armor!

    • Thank you Mark.

  • You’re right in talking about connecting with them on their turf. I have found that lunches at school work best for middle schoolers. Engaging high schoolers, in my experience, is done best through forming groups based on common interest (Xbox, dirt bikes, fishing, etc.).

    • Thanks Trevor. You’re right, Middle Schoolers is easer to connect with at school. Sorry for the delay in response.

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